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Secure OC Schools is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving school safety by increasing awareness, providing schools with additional safety resources, and developing a stronger regional network for collaboration and information sharing. Mission Viejo Council Member Ed Sachs currently serves as Chairman of Secure OC Schools.


We must increase the presence of armed sworn peace officers on our school campuses during school hours when our children are present.

We must train our teachers through the Safe Kids Program to be as prepared as humanly possible for the unthinkable moment.

We need to ensure that our reporting systems between local agencies including law enforcement and the school districts have real time access to tips, intelligence, and identifiers of at-risk youth so they are dealt with before they have the opportunity to commit horrific acts.

Resources We Provide

As part of Secure OC Schools’ mission, we help fund and provide for basic safety resources that no school should be without, including but not limited to:

Secure Resource Officers

'Stop the bleed'
kits and training

real time communications and emergency notification app

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safe kids h.e.r.o. program
student safety training and strategies

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We are recruiting parents, educators, and community leaders to adopt a school or community by serving as a volunteer co-chair or safety coordinator. These individuals will become the champion for our mission and implementation of our initiatives.

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The Stats


Ed Sachs
Founder / Chairman

Twice-elected member of the Mission Viejo City Council, Ed Sachs is the founder of Secure OC Schools. He created this organization with a mission to better prepare schools and places of worship for the unimaginable event of a violent attack. In his former role as President Emeritus of Pioneer Electronics, Ed was the moving force behind the original attempt bringing automotive industry leaders together to promote the aftermarket car audio industry through the Consumer Electronics Association. During his time at Pioneer Electronics, he also employed his marketing skills for creative end-to-end clarity to local and national campaigns. Ed is also a decorated U.S. Navy combat veteran of the Vietnam War.

William P Curley
Legal Counsel and Secretary
Attorney at Law, Harper Burnes, LLP

Troy Barnett
Barnett & Company, Certified Public Accountants

Megan Minarik
Board Member – School Recruitment
Retired Educator

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